It all started...

In middle school I was given an ultimatum by my mother to either pick a sport and join a team...or pick an instrument and join band; so I chose the music. And after years of dragging my family to football games and competitions, I think to them the idea of "perfect pitch" became throwing my saxophone in the toilet from 20 feet away without it hitting the rim. After going through many broken reeds and Kenny G CD’s (yes I’m ashamed to admit), I’m glad I chose music because it’s how it brought my wife and I together.

I’ve been married to Tiffany for 18 years now with four awesome children. A teenager (Austin), a pre-teenager (Caitlyn), a toddler (Jordan), and a newborn (Jaxon) . With all of them in different phases of life I began blogging two years ago about parenting, marriage, family, etc.. to better communication between Tiff and I about these issues in a creative way. Heck, who are we fooling, it's not like we have this whole thing figured out. 

You want to know what it’s like to have a fourth kid? Imagine you’re drowning…then someone hands you a baby.
— Jim Gaffigan
Caitlyn, Jordan, Austin

Caitlyn, Jordan, Austin

Well there you have it. I think you get the gist of it now. Between science projects, late night feedings, teenage drama, school, making music, and of course trying to keep myself attractive for the wife, there's no telling what will happen in this joint. 

Jordan when she was one...

Jordan when she was one...


Other Important Facts : 

  • My name is Sam Miranda and I'm a pastor of a church in Miami Florida.
  • I'm currently enrolled in a Master's of Divinity program at a local seminary. 
  • I'm the oldest sibling of three.
  • I have a dog named Buttercup who's half Shih-Tzu, half Dachshund. I find that amusing.
  • I met my wife in college and we eloped at the ages of 18 and 20 after dating for three months; I'm never doing that again.  
  • If you give me a gift, make sure some kind of chocolate is involved. 
  • My life won't be complete unless I walk away from an explosion in slow motion. 
  • I hate driving but love car rides. 
  • My favorite sport to play and watch is basketball and I love to read. 
  • I can play the saxophone, piano, guitar, and I'm a vocal ninja.  
My love...

My love...