In A Different Way

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So I've been taking Austin to these free B-Boy classes the last several months in Miami Springs cause he's decided that it would help him with his parkour; which is a subject entirely for another post. He's been interested lately into the "Hip-Hop" culture and not the kind we see on MTV, but the underground stuff you barely get to hear on the radio. The kind thats less commercial and more intellectually charged with lyrics like "sub-atomic particles" and subjects on serious political, social and global issues. People always ask me if my children have taken any interest in music, singing or playing of instruments being that my wife and I are both gifted in these areas and the answer has always been no; something that I've struggled with for a long time. Whenever I try to connect with my kids on this level I've always felt like I was teaching them something that made me feel incoherent and unintelligible, like a scientist teaching them forensic DNA analysis or something like that. However, this last week I realized that the artisan genome has indeed been past's just chosen a different medium to express itself. Trust me the dance floor was the last place I thought I would find artistic common ground considering that my dancing shoes are composed of two cinder blocks. Learning to move beyond my world and into theirs has me wondering:

Are we here to teach our kids or are our kids here to teach us?

Lately I find myself learning a whole new language with terminology like "toprock" and  "coin drop" and a whole different world view with several cultural pillars, "breaking" being one of them. I'm also learning how extremely difficult it is to master the art of movement and the art of capturing the nuances of experience and being able to communicate it whether through a dynamic style of dance or on canvas. Needless to say, if someone asks me today if my kids are musically inclined I could now say without hesitation, "kind of, sort of...but really they're far more artistic than I'll ever be"; that is of course assuming Jordan, my one year old follows the same blueprint.