To Boldly Go


I often wonder what goes on in the mind of toddlers when their exploring things for the first time. A remote control can launch a rocket into space, a plunger becomes a perfectly good light saber and the front door can lead to the great unknown. I remember as a kid watching transformers and thunder cats with bowl full of apple jacks watching Saturday mornings cartoons imagining I was "He-man" and that I truly did have the "Power of Gray Skull". Now I spend Thursdays with my one year old Jordan watching "Mickey Mouse Club House", Chugga-Chugga Chugginton & Yo-Gabba-Gabba with their toneless tunes. Somehow I must have missed when cartoons decided to change from being weird and creative to scientific and engineered. I also must have missed the "pulp eating section" in the latest parenting magazines, because Jordan seems to have a knack for tearing paper apart and consuming it. However, ever since Thursdays have become daddy-daughter day for the last six months, I can't help to feel that as we grow up we kind of lose that fresh boldness and sense of adventure. Like every time Jordan climbs the stairs without giving a thought of falling backwards or that time when Caitlyn was two and decided she would walk the dog around the neighborhood all by herself. Coincidentally, I've also been asking elderly people lately what their biggest regrets in life have been. Some have said, "I wish I could of spent more time with my family" or "I wish I could of pursued the career I loved" but the overwhelming response and direct correlation has been :

"I wish I would of risked more"

I think I'm going to start taking it back like an old school cartoon and trade stagnation with innovation...boredom with adventure. Getting out of my everyday physical, mental and emotional environment and explore new things. Remaining curious and interested in everything and everyone around me always looking for possibilities. As Jordan is learning how to walk, I think I'll embark on a partnership with her and develop a new sense of fearless wonder.