This Beautiful Mess


A year ago during this time last year was probably one of the most stressful weeks I ever had in my life. Here's a timeline of both a series of fortunate and unfortunate events :

  • January 28th : I get a call from my sister informing me that my brother was airlifted to Jackson Memorial for having a seizure and was non responsive due to cranial bleeding from hitting the floor so hard. I spent a good while in the emergency that night and went home distressed as he wound up waking up three days later.
  • January 29th : I had a church wide picnic that was scheduled months prior and I ended up grilling the whole entire day. It was the first time I've ever grilled in my life. Nevertheless, I didn't receive any complaints and no one got diarrhea.
  • January 30th : With three church services to work and attend I end up getting home late from a very exhausting weekend only to have Tiffany's water break. Now even though I already had two kids, they were both induced labors so it was the first time I ever had the "Okay!! I'll get the bags" experience.
  • January 31st : Jordan is born....later that morning I take the older siblings out of school early to visit their sister. As soon as I arrive with them I get a call from my "Abuela" that my sister was brought into the emergency room from panic attacks in the same hospital. I spent the day back and forth from the birthing ward to the emergency room area.... I still haven't held Jordan.
  • February 1st : My body's feeling the stress but my mind is racing a million miles a minute. Tiff and I agree that I would take the kids home that night, I would drop them off at school in the morning and I would then return to the hospital. While getting ready to go to bed at about midnight, I get a call from my mother-in-law that she needed a ride from the airport because she came in early from her trip to Mexico. It was Ft. Lauderdale airport......I live in West Kendall.
  • February 3rd : After finally getting through three days of no sleep we finally get home and I finally get to hold my new born daughter for the first time. Meanwhile my little brother wakes up from being comatose with a mild form of amnesia.
  • February 6th : Super Bowl Sunday, (Steelers vs. Packers) my son Austin come running upstairs minutes before kick-off screaming, "Dad I broke my wrist, I broke my wrist". Guess where I find myself again...the emergency room.

At this point I'm thinking, "maybe I should just own a hospital". I literally felt like Steve Martin in the scene from that early 90's flick "Parent Hood" where he's desperately trying to manage the mess of family stress as the room begins to spin. Looking back I notice that when you're in the mess of things the important details of the journey go unnoticed as everything seems to blend together in one big blur. Things like reflecting the creative capacity of our Maker through procreation, recognizing how magnificent and nice sleep is, having the opportunity to show my son a fathers love and compassion through crisis, etc... I'm glad a year later I can wake up singing "Happy Birthday" to Jordan and I know I didn't give birth to her, but I literally almost had a stroke the week she was born.