What The Heck Is Parkour?


I was going to call this post “Street Monkeys” because if you’ve ever seen those crazy parkour videos online that’s exactly what these practitioners look like. Parkour athletes or "traceurs" as they call themselves, run up walls, jump off buildings and move with amazing speed and agility from point A all the way to point B in areas that are dense with obstacles. I never thought when I told Austin, he had to be involved in athletics this year, that “Urban Ninja” would be the sport of his choice!! Now, whenever my children show any interest or passion in something I alway try to display “the glass is half-full” mentality and show enthusiasm and support in whatever they want to do; within proper boundaries of course. My wife on the other hand, isn’t so thrilled about Austin’s recent love for becoming half monkey - half stunt man (glass half-empty). I try to relieve her anxieties by saying things like, “well honey he’s learning good spatial awareness” or “he’s sharpening his creative vision” but, that went all out the window the day he came home with two gashes on the top of his head. At this moment I’d like for you to take a brief pause and watch a video of how Austin got injured on a Parkour fail...and remember kids don’t try this at home.


Watch this video :

If you could imagine watching this exact video is how Tiff and I found out about the injury and immediately after this incident along with getting our point across (yelling!!), we inquired and signed him up to gymnastics. Unfortunately, the classes were short lived, probably because Austin felt bored being the only boy in his class and of course his instructor wearing a neck brace one week didn’t seem very convincing to me. Yes!! that’s my son...where I might see walls and divisions, he sees opportunities for overcoming obstacles and barriers by adapting his movements to his surrounding environment. And now he’s on Youtube and a part of the long list of crazy online videos.