Boundaries In Parenting


Well it’s official...I have a walking little person around the house and she doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Now the only real boundary that we’ve established with Jordan is mostly Tiffany’s presence in helping her contain fear and soothe her anxieties. However, now it seems that we need to contain fearlessness and protect her from external surroundings. The outlets, the stairs, the kitchen cabinets, the older siblings... pretty much the world is this child’s oyster and she’s spending most of her time finding ways to open it up and play with it. Now more than just outlet covers, cabinet locks, baby fences or as I like to call them “baby hurdles”, we’re now starting to implement the most important boundary of all; the word NO!!

Now let me just say that I’m not a believer in setting delayed gratification boundaries until after a child’s starts walking. Setting my schedule before my child’s for holdings and feedings are in my opinion cruel and borderline negligent. Nevertheless, what seems to do the trick for my kids when wanting them not to do or touch something is mentioning their whole entire name with that deep, deep “Darth Vader” type voice... JORDAN ANGEL MIRANDA....I AM YOURFATHER....NOOOOOO!!!

What is a boundary?

A physical boundary is not an insurmountable barrier like the great wall of  China, but more like a fence or sign to keep folks either in or outside of your own property line. The same goes goes for the intangible boundaries that define your soul and help you guard it and maintain it. Some experts say that by the time your child is an adolescent, he or she’s true character and identity will reveal itself in two ways....what is me and what is not me. Truth is I need to start identifying who or what my boundary busters are and how to learn to say “no” more often to things that don’t belong. Hopefully we don't commit the same errors with Jordan as we did with Austin. As the wise Jedi would say, "the third time's a charm".