16 on the 16th


This morning I woke up to a card my wife laid on my chest that said, "I wouldn't trade one moment of our life together. Everything we've shared has only made us stronger and I know our future holds even more happiness-because of the wonderful man you are, because of the way you make feel...and because every year, I keep falling even deeper in love with you."  Today we celebrate 16 years of marriage and so I wanted to write 16 random things I love about my wife.


  1. I love when you freak out- you make this sound that sounds exactly like Chewbacca from Star Wars. "Burrrr--ghghgh"!
  2. I love you're insane love for animals and how you saved our dogs life when she was dying; buttercup has become our fourth child.
  3. I love how you consider me your best friend.
  4. I love that the only reason you laugh at slapstick comedy films is because of the sound of me laughing at slapstick comedy films.
  5. I love how the only reason I cry in sad movie scenes is because of the way you cry in sad movie scenes.
  6. I love how you're the absolute worst at picking movies but the absolute best at memorizing every lyric to every song on the radio.
  7. I love waking up to you each and every day.
  8. I love that you're the best mother any child can have.
  9. I love how you're the handy man of the house and when I break things I'm, "Demolition Dad" and when you fix things you're, "Rambo Mom"!!
  10. I love it when you sing.
  11. I love how almost all my favorite memories have you in it.
  12. I love how you look in a red dress.
  13. I love how you have just enough Native American ancestry to give you those high cheek bones but not enough to give us any Native American government benefits.
  14. I love how you put up with my sarcasm.
  15. I love......... (this is a "G" rated blog) 
  16. And finally, I love how we secretly eloped 16 years ago and against all odds and God's grace, we're still together.
Happy 16th Anniversary!!